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ABOUT "Pantophobia"
Zombies have taken over Bowcraft amusement park. You will have a chance with family and friends to survive this zombie take over. Can you use your survival skills to make it to the exit. This October, let Pantophobia Haunted Attraction put your zombie escape skills to the test.
2445 Route 22 weat, Scotchplains, New Jersey, 07067

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Buy tickets now to Pantophobia Haunted Attraction. VIP Tickets: Save time, skip the line! AND get a t-shirt!! Available online and onsite at the box office. General Admission Tickets: Available online and onsite at the box office. ZombiEscape Tickets: Special Event. October 22nd & 29th only. You will be given Life (flag belts). If you lose your Life to the zombies, you die, they win. Avoid the zombies to keep your Life. Group Rate Tickets: There is a minimum of 15 tickets. These tickets CANNOT be purchased onsite at the box office. Online or contact us at 805-666-1699 and - General Admission VIP Tickets: $40.00 with t-shirt General Admission Tickets: $25.00 ZombiEscape Tickets: $30.00 (Oct. 22nd & 29th Only) Group Rate Ticketss: $20.00 each (minimum of 15 tickets)
2445 Route 22 weat, Scotchplains, New Jersey, 07067
This attraction is 100% outdoors. Please call 805-666-1699 or check our website or our social media pages for up to the minute closures, due to bad weather. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Refund policy: All ticket sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges. No refunds for service fees when purchasing tickets. Not recommended for children under the age of 10.
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