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Castle of Chaos Logo Castle of Chaos
7980 S State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84047

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The Castle of Chaos was created in 2001 and has grown in intensity and fun for 15 years. Castle has brought you stars like Danny Trejo and Monster Man Cleve Hall as well as been recognized by the Travel Channel and USA today as one of the top haunts in America.
Castle of Chaos has led the way in Utah and across the country in how to make haunted houses more intense, while still keeping it great fun and great for groups. With Optional Hands on Horror and 4 Levels of Fear, you get to choose if you get touched, and how much... About Image 2
Every visit is different, with secret rooms and roaming scarers that come from nowhere and can literally drag you off without warning if you sign your waiver and choose Level 4... you never know what will happen!
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Located entirely underground, Castle of Chaos is the perfect place to test your fear of the dark as you come face to face with many of Hollywood's scariest monsters. From Freddy to Pennywise, you never know who is lurking around the corner, waiting to lock you up, drag you away, or just say hello. Castle is about fun, safe scares... that you'll never see coming!
About Image 6 With hundreds of thousands of visitors over the last 15 years, Castle has the best actors because we love what we do... scaring you!

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