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ABOUT "Screams at the Beach"
This fall marks the 7th year anniversary of Screams at the Beach Haunted Attraction. Located in Georgetown, Delaware (just minutes from Rehoboth Beach) Screams at the Beach is an Award winning haunted attraction that promises an unparalleled experience in fright. This years Six alarming attractions are unique to this acclaimed venue, including Pandemonium, Abomination Acres, Cemetery of Sorrows, Crimson Woods, House of the Hollow, and the latest addition for 2017: Zombie Paintball, The Prison and 2 New Mini Escape Rooms! We take Scaring you very seriously and plan on doing it even better this year! So join us for the Most Terrifying Haunted Experience EVER! Open Every Friday & Saturday From September 28th-October 28th.
22518 Lewes Georgetown Highway, Georgetown, Delaware, 19947

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Get your Terror Tickets Today! members use Code SCREAMS17 to Save $5! - 2016 Ticket Prices. $30 - General Admission $40- General Plus Pass | Zombie Paintball or Escape Room Adventures ( your choice!) $50- *VIP Terror Pass *Includes Plus Pass + Fast Pass to Entry
Open Every Friday & Saturday From September 29-October 28th - Ticket Booth Opens at 6:30. Buy tickets online to Save!


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22518 Lewes Georgetown Highway, Georgetown, Delaware, 19947
Is there an Age Requirement? A. No, But we DO NOT recommend Screams for Children under 12. Children 14 & Under MUST be accompanied by an adult. Parents; Screams is an adult rated event please consider the maturity of your children and if you wish to expose them to Adult Content and Terror. We do not have a PG rated line or attraction- Actors do not treat visitors any different based on age. Be considerate of other guests and their experience. Admission is the same price for all ages. - Can actors, cast or crew touch Me ? A. Yes, cast members are permitted to touch in the context of scaring or annoying you in any attraction or location once you are in All Hallows. They also smell fear and attracted to the weak. You on the hand may NEVER touch a cast or crew member. So keep your cool and temper in check because in this case the customer is never right and you and your friends will be escorted out of All Hallows. ( ps - No you do not get a refund )
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