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ABOUT "Nightmare Factory Haunted Attraction"
Come and experience Eastern North Carolina's Premier Haunted House... the NIGHTMARE FACTORY ... Featuring SIX haunted attractions! Are you brave enough to make it through all of our mind bending attractions?! The ONLY haunt featuring a multi-level crawl-through "Mausoleum", and RATED R hours (after 10pm) for a more extreme experience! The Nightmare Factory is NC's SCARIEST Haunted Attraction! ALL NEW for 2019 - "The TORTURE Game" - We exploit your five senses in this 18+ "must sign a waiver" haunt! Can you survive?! Visit the CHRISTMAS HAUNTED HOUSE - Four Nights Only! - Friday & Saturday, November 8, 9, 15, 16 Featuring two attractions: "The FACTORY" & "The 3D TOY SHOP" More details on our website.
29 Park Lane, Havelock, North Carolina, 28532

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Recommended for Guests 16 and over (VERY SCARY)

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Designed and developed by Silent Edge Entertainment, the Nightmare Factory Haunted House brings to life not one... but SIX Halloween Attractions. Don't miss HALLOWFEST! A two-day Halloween Festival we host every year in addition to the regular Haunted Attractions! More details on our website. Trick-or-treating for the kids, Music, games, food & drinks, and even live executions at night! Visit with local business for exclusive discounts not available anywhere else! Check out our website for more information. - Tickets range from $10+
September 20 - November 2, 2019 - Attractions and Ticket Sales start at 7pm. Ticket sales end Thursday: 7pm-11pm | Friday & Saturday: 7pm-12am Attractions stay open until every ticketed customer goes through! CHRISTMAS HAUNTED HOUSE: Friday & Saturday, November 8, 9, 15, 16 Attractions and Ticket Sales: 7pm-12am Attractions stay open until every ticketed customer goes through!


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29 Park Lane, Havelock, North Carolina, 28532

WARNING: This Haunted Attraction Is Intended to Scare You and is NOT recommended for Guests with Heart Conditions, Epilepsy or sensitivity to Strobe Lights; Pregnant or Expecting Mothers, or Guests with other Medical Conditions, Allergies to Fog, Latex, or other potential Allergens. NO REFUNDS! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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