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In Rockland County there is a small village called Letchworth. It is the home of an abandoned mental institution. Of course many rumors have surfaced about the old mental hospital. Many have experienced many things there, including hearing noises and seeing ghosts. The old hospital still contains some left over patient files, writing on the wall, and old beds. Walk into the hospital and you can feel nothing but chills going through your body.

Willows Grove Road - Country Road 28, Haverstraw, New York, 10927


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ABOUT "Letchworth Village"
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History: The hospital was named after William Pryor Letchworth, a humanitarian and philanthropist. Ever since it opened it was publicized as the model institution for the disabled. Since the beginning several principles were laid out and adhered to in order to ensure the utmost quality in care and they were as follows: The separation of sexes by dividing the campus into 2 halves, cut by a stream that meanders through the grounds. No building would exceed two stories in height and they’d all have a maximum capacity of 70 patients. Basements could not to be used for any purpose other than storage in order to prevent overcrowding. Dormitories should be at least 200 feet apart to provide plenty of open space for playgrounds. Buildings were separated into groups divided by mental capacity and these groups should never come into contact with each other, but rather remain isolated enough to almost seem like separate institutions. The location of each building should take the natural beauty of its environment into consideration. A total of 6 groups of buildings were constructed each in a U-shape pattern. At the center of each horseshoe-shaped group were a kitchen/dining room and a hall that was to be used as a gym, theater, and for Sunday school. Not far from each group were the attendants’ homes and doctor’s residence. There were 3 groups based on mental capacity for each sex... one for the young and improvable, one for the middle-aged and industrious, and one for the infirm and helpless. There were also other buildings, which consisted of administrative offices, a laboratory, firehouse, boiler house, laundry, a refrigeration plant, bakery, storehouse, workshops, a tuberculosis hospital, and even an underground tunnel system. Letchworth Village closed in 1996. The campus now lies at the crux of 3 towns... Haverstraw, Theills, and Stony Point. Much of the open land has been turned into a golf course, while one of the building groups has been renovated into the Fieldstone Secondary School. That portion has retained the look and feel of the original cottages. However, there are still many of the buildings that are abandoned. Unfortunately, some have fallen victim to arson. Also be warned black bears and skunks have been seen wandering in the area. Reported Haunts: Apparitions have been seen and disembodied voices have been heard in and around the abandoned cottages that remain. Satanic rituals have also been taking place in a third floor corner room of the medical building, where a pentagram has been painted onto the floor. Evidence Collected: EVPs from within one of the cottages and from the medical building; Photos of ghostly faces and apparitions from inside of a cottage & from behind the power plant; Video of an apparition moving across the third floor hallway of the medical building; Personal experiences of several team members.

Willows Grove Road - Country Road 28, Haverstraw, New York, 10927

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