ABOUT "Big Nose Kate's Saloon"
HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: A handy man known as Swamper helped out as a janitor and was the all-round Mr. fix it guy at The Grand, in exchange for room and board. He had a room, deep in the basement, where it was said that he tunneled an opening to the silver shaft below. It was said that he had quite a silver cache, which he had hidden somewhere in the hotel building. Cowboys, locals, travelers and miners used to hang out and enjoy a brew or two and hard stuff as well, in the saloon bar in the basement. MANIFESTATIONS: An entity of a man, called Felix by the staff, dressed in 1880s attire is seen wandering around the halls and rooms of the building, perhaps keeping an eye on his silver, while he still helps out the living, perhaps getting some chuckles along the way. A nicely dressed female entity, dressed in 1880s attire, with shoulder-length ringlets, holding a parasol has been spotted enjoying the musical entertainment from the balcony. A male entity is seen sitting at the bar in the basement, wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Entities dressed as 1880s cowboys have been seen standing in doorways, and sitting at both the basement bar, and the bar on the first floor. Two mannequins which were placed in the closed off, balcony have been known to be moved by an unseen presence, getting its chuckles by scaring the living. After hours, the owner and his brother and friends were sitting at a table, when the female mannequin suddenly took a header off the balcony to the floor below. The male mannequin then turned its head. The living made a hasty retreat, leaving the first floor to the entities. Glasses on the bars and tables have been known to move by themselves. Various items and objects have the tendency to move around the building by themselves. Doors and cupboards open by themselves. Trash can lids lift themselves off the cans, drop to the floor, and roll around by themselves. People have experienced extremely cold spots and gusts of cold wind in various areas of the building. Booted footsteps and jingling spurs are heard on the stairs from the first floor to the basement, and in the first floor saloon. Witnesses have heard disembodied voices coming from the basement. Another male entity is protective of female employees, sort of a spectral bouncer. One female employee noticed two men who had had too much to drink, and were bothering other patrons. She decided to go over and ask them to leave. As she stood before them, she felt a strong pressure of a unseen male presence's hand on her shoulder. The drunks looked at the spot above her shoulder, seeing someone who wasn't visible to the woman, and left quickly. A playful, cheeky entity hangs out on the main floor and basement. Some say it is Felix. A male unseen presence likes to pinch the waitresses, pull on their bows and hide their pens. Likes to push female employees on the lower part of the staircase which leads to the basement. Likes to call their names. STILL HAUNTED? Oh yes indeed!
417 East Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona, 85638

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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417 East Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona, 85638
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