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It is believed that the twenty six murders that occurred within this particular structure have lead to a wide array of paranormal events. As a result of these unusual events, individuals who work in the structure, and those that visit the structure have deemed it as haunted. In all of the city of Tombstone, it is said that this building is among the most haunted. Many would suspect that the ghosts... [Read more]

535 East Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona 85638, United States.
(520) 457-3421
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The Yuma Prison held prisoners for over three decades. As a matter of fact, the structure served in the capacity of a prison for a total of thirty three years. In that time, thousands of individuals were incarcerated and ordered to stay within the confines of the prison walls. According to documentation housing records regarding the prisoners, a total of 3,069 individuals served time here. Out of ... [Read more]

1 Prison Hill Road, Yuma, Arizona 85364, United States.
(928) 783-4771
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Explore downtown Tucson after dark on a walking tour, sure to put shivers down your spine. Your Ghost Host will lead you on this walking tour through Tucson’s streets while telling you the ghostly stories of the most haunted buildings in town. We have limited ghost hunting equipment for you to use while we explore the inside of some of the haunted locations as well! Hear about the ghost of the Fox... [Read more]

PO Box 17735, Tucson, Arizona 85731, .
(520) 373-5387
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HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: Ghosts and manifestations can be seen throughout the building, and don't plan to leave anytime soon! The building had a reputation for being haunted even during the time that The United Verde Hospital was still up and running. A variety of manifestations became evident to the patients, visitors and the personnel working there, which still occur today. 1) The peopl... [Read more]

200 Hill Street, Jerome, Arizona 86331, United States.
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The hotel’s past starts in 1919, when it was built to serve as a repository for the weary, travel-worn souls from the Southern Pacific Railroad, which is just across the street and now an AmTrack station (which is also haunted). The roaring twenties brought the high-rollers and travelers, who would rest their heels and visit the hotel’s infamous “Tap Room”. What really made Hotel Congress famous, ... [Read more]

311 East Congress Street, Tucson, Arizona 85701, United States.
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DESCRIPTION AND HISTORY This glorious 1927 brick, 4 story, 68 room luxury hotel is described as "a haven for sophisticated guests seeking a sense of pampered well being." It was built to attract the summer traveler looking for relief from the sizzling hot weather which is a mainstay every summer in the Valley of the Sun, where such cities as Phoenix and Scottsdale are located. Prescott enjoys c... [Read more]

122 East Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona 86301, United States.
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HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: A handy man known as Swamper helped out as a janitor and was the all-round Mr. fix it guy at The Grand, in exchange for room and board. He had a room, deep in the basement, where it was said that he tunneled an opening to the silver shaft below. It was said that he had quite a silver cache, which he had hidden somewhere in the hotel building. Cowboys, locals, tra... [Read more]

417 East Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona 85638, United States.
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DESCRIPTION The Inn at Jerome has eight guest rooms, designed in their original Victorian style popular around 1900. This Inn has a large parlor with a fireplace. The Inn's restaurant, The Jerome Grill, offers registered dietician approved American cuisine and heart healthy cuisine. The breakfasts that come with the guests' stay are highly rated and recommended. HISTORY This building, onc... [Read more]

309 Main Street, Jerome, Arizona 86331, United States.
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Come for a ghost tour and paranormal investigation at some of the most haunted locations in Arizona. Many of our locations have been featured on paranormal TV shows. Enjoy a brief historical tour and learn about the paranormal activity and review evidence captured. Then it’s your turn to investigate. You will be part of a paranormal investigation with seasoned paranormal investigators. You wi... [Read more]

149- 177 East Oak Street, Globe, Arizona 85501, United States.
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