ABOUT "Tucson Ghost Tour"
Explore downtown Tucson after dark on a walking tour, sure to put shivers down your spine. Your Ghost Host will lead you on this walking tour through Tucson’s streets while telling you the ghostly stories of the most haunted buildings in town. We have limited ghost hunting equipment for you to use while we explore the inside of some of the haunted locations as well! Hear about the ghost of the Fox Theater, the active spirits at La Cocina, and the many ghosts that have been seen and felt at the Hotel Congress. The Tucson Ghost Tour is an after dark walking tour of the city of Tucson. Please wear good walking shoes, feel free to bring a bottle of water, a camera, a flashlight and a spirit for a frightfully fun night!
PO Box 17735, Tucson, Arizona, 85731
(520) 373-5387

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Tucson Ghost Tours offer walking tours of downtown Tucson on most Friday and Saturdays starting at 7pm. (There are not tours on the second Saturday of the month or on major holidays. Please check out www.Tucsonghosttour.com for exact dates. The tours go to roughly a dozen locations and will tell you about the haunts of the place. There is also some equipment for you to borrow and use during the tour. During the tour please plan to go into about 3 locations as long as events are not going on at the time.. The tour last about 2 hours. Adults are $15, children 12 and under are $10. Reservations are required 24 hours in advance by going to www.TucsonGhostTour.com or by calling (520) 373-5387 between the hours of 9am till 8pm. *****Please Note--Tours maybe cancelled for crowds of less than 5 people and for severe weather such as lightening*******


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PO Box 17735, Tucson, Arizona, 85731
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