ABOUT "Egyptian Theater"
Accounts of hauntings in this Utah theatre began soon after it opened its doors in 1926. Visitors and staffers have heard the eerie echoing of disembodied footsteps across the stage’s wooden floor. Doors often fly open without intervention from the living. Most believe the haunting is connected to the apparition of young man that has been seen wandering in the Egyptian Theatre— and most believe his presence to be sinister. Horrible screams have rang through the Egyptian Theatre terrifying those who hear them. Some think the spirit wants the living out of his building. There have been many accounts of individuals being flung to the floor by mysterious, unseen forces. Who is this young man who haunts the stage and why is he angry? Some attribute the haunting to a young man that suffered a terrible death while attempting to save miners during in a 1902 mine accident. The young man, Johnnie McLaughlin, had been an aspiring actor and worked as a stagehand in the Dewey Theater. Sadly he perished before he saw his dreams of fame realized. Perhaps, Johnnie believes the theatre had been erected to finally give him a chance at the spotlight—even if it was after his death. STILL HAUNTED? Yes indeed. There has been no psychic research done, but eye witnesses have experienced the above listed paranormal events in the past and currently.
328 Main Street, Park City, Utah, 84060

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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328 Main Street, Park City, Utah, 84060
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