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HISTORY: The city of Topeka, the capitol city of Kansas was in need of a capitol building to house the bodies of government: Senate. The Chambers and Hall of Representatives, plus the offices of the elected officials and heir staff, not a small undertaking, especially when something grand was the goal. On Feb. 14th 1866, the governor signed into law a bill which funded such an endeavor into law. "The Kansas Governor and Legislature wanted the finest capitol building for their state. After the horrors and hardships suffered during the Civil War years, it was thought that what was needed was a building to inspire the best of themselves and the people who not only lived in Kansas City, but also in the whole state of Kansas. They felt the Kansas State House should "rival the National Capitol as well as any of the best capitols of the eastern states." It is no surprise then that the Topeka Capitol Building is one of the historic treasures of the state of Kansas, the creation of a local Kansas architect, John G. Haskell, who was given a chance by the governor to submit his plans before the Kansas state legislature. Besides being grand and stately to inspire civic pride, the love of democracy and freedom, and hope for the future, the legislature wanted some other features such as being fire resistant, having natural lighting for rooms, have the latest in 19th century heating & ventilation and that the building wings be attached the same way that the building wings are attached to the National Capitol in Washington D.C. A variety of obstacle dogged this building project, including problems with the limestone and the contractor, though they persevered and built their grand Topeka Capitol Building. The west wing was built first, followed by the center section, with the rotunda and capitol dome finishing off phase 1 and 2 of the construction. When more room was needed, the east wing was designed by Kenneth McDonald of Louisville, KY, and completed in March, 1903, though in 1917, the quality of wing's details and finishes were brought up to the standards found in the rest of the Capitol building when the deteriorating stones were replaced. Though the Topeka State Capitol never suffered from lack of upkeep, it did loose some of its historical integrity. Specifically, the "historical integrity of the interior fell victim to the great need for more office space, for higher levels of lighting, and for air-conditioned comfort." Luckily, most of the changes made can be undone, returning the building to its former beauty. Restoration has begun, making a difference in the aura in the Senate Chambers and Hall of Representatives because the original finishes have been restored HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: Out of the nine men who lost their lives while constructing the building, one has issues with the living concerning wages. One worker who was fastening plates on the dome of the building, reached too far for a bolt and died from his fall in 1890. As it was nearly the end of the month, he was owed his wages, which were never paid to him, because he had no surviving family. In 1948, Robert Fisher, a reporter for the Topeka Daily Capital, did his homework and found out from the state treasurer's office that this worker was never paid for work done. A distraught woman killed herself by jumping off the staircase which goes all the way to the top of the Capitol dome. MANIFESTATIONS: The entity of the unpaid worker seems to be still at his job, working at night, thinking he will get his wages if he just finishes the job. A neighbor who lives across from the Capitol Building, on Harrison Street, has heard a hammering sound coming from the dome. The female entity who killed herself. In the basement area, the sound of unexplainable footsteps and crying can be heard, near the area where her body landed. STILL HAUNTED? Yes indeed, according to the reported observations of the witnesses.
300 Southwest 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas, 66612

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300 Southwest 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas, 66612
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