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ABOUT "The Haunted Manor"
The Haunted Manor is a yard haunt located in central Minnesota and operated by a Halloween enthusiast named Pete Mitchell. Each year something new is added to his Halloween display. Pete creates the majority of his own props giving the haunt uniqueness and a personal touch. This is a creative outlet for him and a fun way to interact with friends, neighbors, and other haunters. Pete began his fascination with Halloween at a young age. Television animations especially from Disney made a huge impact. In fact the name of the haunt itself is a homage to the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World in Florida. Later in life Pete worked for a seasonal haunted attraction named Spooky World further supporting his experience. He also briefly pursued a career in film making. This now lends to finding ways to honor classic movie monsters in his haunt over time.
1687 Sandbar Circle, Waconia, Minnesota, 55387

Haunted Houses

Suitable for All Guests and Families (MILD SCARES AND HALLOWEEN FUN)

Haunted House
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Ticket And Price Information
There is no cost to enjoy visiting the Haunted Manor at this time. All are welcome!
The Haunted Manor will be open for visitation from 5pm till 11pm on Halloween night only for the time being. We encourage you to stop by for Trick or Treat and enjoy a fun scare! There are plans in the future to expand into a haunted house walk through, plus food and drink, a toasty fire, and other fun seasonal attractions. This will take time to launch. As of 2020 and until further notice this is purely a home haunt yard display. Happy Halloween!!


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1687 Sandbar Circle, Waconia, Minnesota, 55387
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