ABOUT "Orlando Ghost Tours"
Orlando Ghost Tours is a dedicated organization, committed to pursuing the truth as it pertains to paranormal phenomena and educating the public on the proper ways of conducting a paranormal investigation. It is their hope to provide you with an experience like no other and to challenge your mind to forge new questions and search for new answers. They invite you to join them as they journey into paranormal realms, the likes of which few have witnessed, and ask you…Do You Believe? Downtown Orlando Investigative Tour: Orlando Ghost Tours downtown Orlando tour is a two-hour walking tour of the downtown Orlando area that focuses on paranormal investigation. The first half of the tour is spent walking you to several different buildings, venturing inside whenever possible, telling you all of the stories and history associated with each property, and giving you a working education in parapsychology. Then, during the second half of the tour, they take you inside an actual haunted building where you get to conduct a paranormal investigation using some of their own equipment. Come explore a side of Orlando you never knew existed as they separate the facts from the folk lore and leave it to you to decide!
Orlando, Florida, Orlando, Florida, 32801
(407) 247-0452

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Orlando, Florida, Orlando, Florida, 32801
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