ABOUT "Fright Village at Canterbury Village"
Fright Village, Michigan’s newest and scariest haunted attractions, hosted in the Haunted Castle and in the gardens of Canterbury Village, officially opened on October 1st. Fright Village is a brand-new attraction that consists of FOUR separate Haunts, Phryte Doll Company- Factory Tour, Phryte Manor- Dead & Breakfast, Phryte Wing - Sunnydale Hospital and Phryte Gardens - Field of Screams. Each of the Haunts is sure to scare all that enter. Three of the Haunts take place in the Haunted Castle, which is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of the Phryte Family and those of a young girl and an older man, both of whom have made their presence known over the years at Canterbury Village and the fourth is an outdoor haunt behind the castle, Phryte Garden – Field of Screams.
2359 Joslyn Ct. , Lake Orion, Michigan, 48360

Haunted Houses

Recommended for Guests 12 and over (SCARY)

Haunted House
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Ticket And Price Information
VIP and General Admission tickets available in advance online at www.FrightVillage.com. VIP pricing allows for Fast Pass Admission ahead of the general admission line: $40 for 1 Haunt, $60 for 2 Haunts, $75 for 3 Haunts, and $85 for all 4 Haunts, per person. General Admission pricing is available for: $15 for 1 Haunt, $27 for 2 Haunts, $37 for 3 Haunts, and $45 for all 4 Haunts, per person. Parking is $5. Additional online services fees will apply. Limited tickets available at the door, while supplies last. At door pricing is $5 additional, per person, per haunt. A contactless ticketing system will be in place with all tickets available online and for advance purchase.
October 21-23, 2021 October 28 - 21, 2021

2359 Joslyn Ct. , Lake Orion, Michigan, 48360
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