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ABOUT "Fire Ghost"
Hello. My name is Ting, founder of AGA. As long as I can remember, the paranormal world has been a part of my life. As a marketing director for vacation tourism, and also as a full time Firefighter/ EMT, I see people at the happiest time of their lives (vacationing) and at the worst times of their lives (911 emergencies). Seeing people in this setting has given me insight on the world of the living and the dead. It creates a natural balance in my life. The AGA team is beyond the question of “Are there ghost?” We actually are studying them and making communications with them. Our locations provide us with a research facility that actually allow us to make communications with the same spirits on a daily bases. As your tour guide, I’m able to offer you a fun filled experience with some meaningful insight to the other side. Remember, American Ghost Adventures, is where the paranormal is normal and you’re on one of the top 10 ghost tours of the world!
129 West Church Street, Orlando, Florida, 32801

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Mobile...we can come to your haunted locations Private Tours an Investigations Greenwood Cemetery Tour Museum Tours Dining with the Departed Events Spirit with Spirit Pub Tours Birthday, Family Gatherings, Bridal Parties, Team Building Multiple Locations throughout Central Florida - Meeting spot is at 129 W. Church Street Orlando, FL 32801. Check in time is 7:45 with an 8:00 start time. Please call 407-256-6225 to verify your tour and time. Special engagements do occur and start time for these events may vary.

129 West Church Street, Orlando, Florida, 32801
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