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The Museum of Shadows is housed in a 137 Year Old building , full of haunted artifacts.

502Main Street, Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048, United States.
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One of the oldest graves to be located on the grounds of this spooky graveyard is marked with the year of 1869. Originally opened as a cemetery designated for a particular family, this area was eventually opened to other individuals outside of the family that was originally plotted here. Today, it is believed that several spirits lurk in and around the grounds of the cemetery, deeming it the name ... [Read more]

20999 South 176th Street, Springfield, Nebraska 68059, United States.
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Here's another spooky story which has a couple of versions. In the 1800s in Aurora,Nebraska, a woman was accused of being a witch. Since she was a peculiar and eccentric person, it was readily believed to be true and she was either burned at the stake or hanged!(Sounds like the townfolk were from Salem, Massachusetts!) Before she died, she swore to extract revenge upon the people who had perpetrat... [Read more]

Hwy 14 and Hwy 30, Aurora, Nebraska 68818, United States.
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Heartland was founded in 2009, but most of us have been involved with the paranormal for many years, some for most of our lives. We have been on many investigations with more to come and we have our own equipment. Our group is totally volunteer and we never charge for our assistance. We consider it an honor to help. Our goal is to assist others in learning about the paranormal and to help fami... [Read more]

Omaha, Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska 68022 , United States.
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In 1994, when this story was researched by Norman & Beth Scott, Hastings was a town of around 23,000 people, with a college, and a museum with a great natural history collection of artifacts of the pioneers who founded this Midwestern town. The house itself was probably built in the 1920's, and was rented out to various people, throughout the years. History Behind Manifestation: In the 1930'... [Read more]

Hastings, NE, Hastings, Nebraska 68901 , United States.
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118 North 14th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, United States.
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In a city as small as Crofton, Nebraska (population 760), it seems that visitors have found small-town paradise. The city is picturesque, with nearby waterways, a promenade of flags honoring deceased Crofton veterans, and free camping grounds available for those who wish to use them. However, sitting somewhere near the center of town sits a large brick building, inviting to guests and boasting f... [Read more]

211 Kansas Street, Crofton, Nebraska 68730, United States.
(402) 388-2400
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This graveyard is located way out north in the boonies of Columbus. Supposedly on a full moon the headstones are supposed to "glow", but most believe that this is just the cause of the limestone in the rock being reflected by the moon. Right beside the graveyard is a bridge in which according to a myth a bus full of kids rolled off the bridge and died. Supposedly if you put powder all over your... [Read more]

North of Columbus, Shell Creek, Nebraska 68601, United States.
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DESCRIPTION/HISTORY This immense stone building, featuring a 12 story high rise tower, in its center, with its dome on the very top, is internationally recognized, the architectural achievement of architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue. It took ten years to construct (1922-1932), at the cost of 10 million dollars!! YIKES! It has held up very well, and still has the space to hold today's Nebras... [Read more]

445 K Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, United States.
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Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigations are offered in the most haunted rooms of the Old Brule School. The boiler room and the coal shed are a hotbed of paranormal activity. Shelves fall, lights burn out (all at once), shadow figures have been reported along with disembodied voices. People who spend time in these rooms report feelings of uneasiness.

714 State Street, Brule, Nebraska 69127, United States.
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Go deep underground where NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM inside the Lemp Haunted House. The Lemp Haunted House is the scariest REAL haunted house in America in real caves and caverns. Go deep underground in real caves deep under the old Lemp Brewery where real evil lurks. Located in downtown St Louis Missouri. For all the highlights of this MO haunted house:

3500 Lemp Avenue , St. Louis, Missouri 63118, united states.
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