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Find Haunted Houses in Greensboro, North Carolina. The biggest, scariest, and best haunted houses in the city of Greensboro from haunted attractions, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, paintball zombie hayrides, to massive Screamparks can all be found here at Hauntworld will help you find all types of haunted attractions, Halloween haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted prisons, hotels, mansions to any and all types of horror attractions. Hauntworld will also help you find haunted hayrides, year around haunts, to even zombie paintball hayrides in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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North Carolina Haunted House Kersey Valley Spookywoods Greensboro NC
homepage article North Carolina Haunted Houses there is one haunt in Greensboro, near Charlotte NC that is the best and scariest haunted house Kersey Valley Spookywoods. has a full review of Kersey Valley Spookywoods including their haunted house, zip lines, corn maze, laser tag, pumpkin patch, hayride and much more.
North Carolina Haunted House Spookywoods
homepage article North Carolina haunted house Spookywoods near Charlotte, Raleigh, High Point is one of the biggest screamparks in America that features a massive corn maze, haunted houses, haunted trailers, haunted hayrides and many other Halloween attractions.  Hauntworld Magazine will take you inside the attraction and gives you a full review.
SPOOKYWOODS, a NC Haunted House in High Point, North Carolina
Hickory Grove Haunted Trail in haunted Gastonia, NC
Woods of Terror haunted house location in Greensboro, NC
Fear Factory haunted house in Kernersville, NC
Lake Hickory Haunted House in NC near SC and VA


Woods Of Terror in Greensboro, North Carolina - 9875 Views  
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avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 2 Reviews
0 Youtube Videos
0 Photos
The Wicked in Hookerton, North Carolina - 2338 Views  
logo in profile We are The Wicked. We feature a haunted house and a woods trail. We deliver high intensity shocks and scares as you journey through our attraction!

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 2 Reviews
0 Youtube Videos
3 Photos
Marr Branch Haunted House in Mount Olive, North Carolina - 11837 Views  
logo in profile

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 6 Reviews
1 Youtube Videos
0 Photos
Kersey Valley Spookywoods in Archdale, North Carolina - 73318 Views  
logo in profile Since 1985 Kersey Valley is a Halloween tradition. Producing amazing detailed creatures and movie quality sets. Our haunted attraction is HUGE & available on a single ticket. Included in every ticket ... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 5 Reviews
6 Youtube Videos
44 Photos
The Fear Factory in Kernersville, North Carolina - 8684 Views  

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 7 Reviews
0 Youtube Videos
0 Photos
Aberdeen Fear Factory in Aberdeen,, North Carolina - 23210 Views  
logo in profile Get ready for our 7th year of fear! <br> 27,000 sq ft of industrial strength horror! The largest indoor haunted house in NC! <br> At night the Aberdeen Fear Factory becomes a place where evil has... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 5 Reviews
7 Youtube Videos
15 Photos
Midway Wicked Woods in Statesville, North Carolina - 21725 Views  
logo in profile Midway Wicked Woods Haunted Attraction is near Statesville North Carolina. It is a outdoor event with 10 different building with scares inside. We are celebrating our 23rd. year of making people screa... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 1 Reviews
4 Youtube Videos
20 Photos
Camp Fear in Hiddenite, North Carolina - 68361 Views  
logo in profile Camp Fear has fallen down the rabbit hole! Come play in a place where time has no meaning. Where nothing is what it appears to be. Where Fantasy meets Horror. Alice wasnt dreaming, Wonderland is r... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 5 Reviews
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Phobia Haunted Trail Presents CarnEvil in the Woods! in Wilmington, North Carolina - 6777 Views  
logo in profile Phobia Haunted Trail is a Halloween haunted hause attraction located in Wilmington NC. 2016 was the 1st year of operation. The 2017 theme is CarnEvil in the Woods! The attraction will be bigger and... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 1 Reviews
2 Youtube Videos
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Lake Hickory Haunts in Hickory, North Carolina - 30707 Views  
logo in profile Lake Hickory Haunts is North Carolina's #1 haunted house attraction, featuring the industry leading sets, monsters, FX, scenes, and more! Lake Hickory Haunts is unique to other haunts, featuring water... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 22 Reviews
12 Youtube Videos
36 Photos
Hickory Grove Haunted Trail in Gastonia, North Carolina - 20728 Views  
logo in profile If you have a passion for Horror or are curious about the unknown or unseen. We dare you to enter our woods! Returning Halloween to the way it was meant to be-no Hollywood aliens or make believe monst... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 41 Reviews
1 Youtube Videos
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The Haunted Farm in Hendersonville, North Carolina - 5718 Views  
logo in profile Asheville, NC and Hendersonville, NC Scariest Haunted Attraction! 15 minutes from Asheville, The Haunted Farm is the scariest HALLOWEEN attraction in Western North Carolina. Can you survive 50 minute... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 2 Reviews
2 Youtube Videos
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Pinhead's Graveyard in Canton, North Carolina - 26410 Views  
logo in profile Pinhead's Graveyard is Western North Carolina & Asheville's Premier Outdoor Haunted House. Real life horror icons including Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Jeeper... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 1 Reviews
2 Youtube Videos
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NETHERWORLD Haunted House in Norcross, Georgia - 198877 Views  
logo in profile Our First Attraction is PRIMAL SCREAM! Vengeance is Primal! The Primordial Guardians have awakened to rip the evil from this earth with tooth, claw, thorn, stone and bone! The green kingdoms rai... [Read more]

avgrating CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 8 Reviews
28 Youtube Videos
37 Photos

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North Carolina haunted houses are some of the scariest and best haunted houses in North Carolina and America. will help you find haunted houses in Greensboro, North Carolina, and more specifically Haunted Houses in Greensboro, North Carolina.  On this page we will also help you find haunted houses in Winston-Salem, Durham, Releigh, and Greensboro haunted houses in North Carolina.   As the editor of we attempt to visit, rate and review as many haunted houses in North Carolina as we can. We have seen some of the scariest haunted houses in North Carolina because we actually visited this area many years ago when we built and installed some attractions for amusement parks.  

There are several major haunted houses in North Carolina including Spookywoods which also includes a major corn maze, hayride, zip lines, and even all sorts of Halloween fun for the kids including dino digs, mining and much more.  Spookywoods in located in High Point North Carolina however there are many medium sized cities all located very close together such as Greensboro, North Carolina, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Durham, North Carolina, and all of these cities have several haunted houses.


North Carolina Haunted Houses typically are outside events and feature a corn maze, hayrides, or scary woods rather than the old closed down warehouse style haunted houses.  For this reason many haunted houses in North Carolina are very unique from most other haunted houses around America.  When visiting haunted houses in North Carolina make sure you use   Continue to check these pages as we will update with more reviews of the scariest and best haunted houses in North Carolina.



Find the best and scariest haunted houses, real haunts, Halloween attractions, Hayrides and more near or in the Greensboro area.  Stories of hitchhickers have been a part of our culture for generations.  From urban legends, to ghost stories to true real events, the ones with reliable witnesses and strange facts which cannot be disputed.  The Greensboro Hitchhiker is said to be more than just na urban legend, more than jsut a tale.  It is said to be the real truth, based of facts and the truth.  It is said that ther is a ghost of a beautiful young girl since 1923.  Her ghost will appear near Greensboro and stand next to Hwy. 70 in a white gown and wave desperately hoping someone will pick her up.  If you do end up stopping and pick her up, she goes by the name of Lydia and will  always aske to go to an address in High Point.  She then will tell you about her evening she spent at a dance and how she his ready to get home.  The story is told that a young woman died driving home in a deadly car wreck coming home from a dance. 





In additional there are many ghost tours, and other real haunted house places throughout North Carolina.  Find the best haunted houses and more here at


To find pumpkin patches in your area go to


If you visit a haunted house in your area please come back and rate and review your experience.


haunted houses in Greensboro

haunted house in Greensboro 


Kersey Valley Attractions is centrally-located in Archdale, North Carolina.  Tony Wohlgemuth, founder of Kersey Valley Inc., was nine years old when his family moved to the 60 acre farm in 1979.  Purposed as a Christmas tree farm, the property had several tobacco barns, a farm house and main residence.  The farm was a popular place to spend summers camping in the barns.  Tony and friends pulled power from the farm house by drop cord to one of the tobacco barns.  Just after midnight on a hot summer night a chandelier fell, stopping just inches from the boys lying in sleeping bags underneath it.  The end of the drop cord was caught by the window seal keeping the heavy iron light fixture inches away from hitting the boys.  The frightening occurrence spawned a dare between friends to enter the old house and restore the power, insisting someone must go upstairs to satisfy the dare.  One of the boys entered the house alone only to return moments later screaming that something was on his back.  He managed to scare up a family of bats, one landing on his back.  The incident shook the group of boys to the bone, creating an idea for a five room haunted house in the fall of 1985.

The House of Death came alive that year the last two weeks of October selling just over 1,000 tickets at $2 each.  Marketing efforts were limited to hand-drawn flyers given out at the boys’ high school.  By the 4th year, popularity for the attraction meant a 4 hour wait in line.  Tony knew it was time for a change and expanded the attraction with a walking trail in the woods.  When Tony met his wife, Donna, in college; she encouraged him to focus on his degree and career.  It became clear that a passion for the haunted attraction was undeniable.  Donna joined Tony to build the haunt and operate the attraction as a business.  Incredible growth followed.  The haunt was expanded further, creating a unique pathway through a dense forest of (Christmas) trees.  The name was changed to Kersey Valley haunted House & Forest the following year.  Each group of 8 guests was guided through the attraction, limiting throughput to 125 people per hour.  The next hurdle was increasing the throughput of the attraction to increase revenue.  Tony and Donna attended the 1996 IAAPA Conference and gained newfound knowledge of an unguided concept.  The entire (Christmas) tree area was redesigned, transforming rows of trees into areas that could accommodate walls and scenes to fit under the canopy of trees.  The haunt was very spooky and the business was transformed into an unguided format. The same year a domain name was sought out for the website and was the perfect fit!  The new format reduced the wait to an hour or less and the throughput increased to over 800 people per hour.  The additional income generated from the dramatic increase allowed a much larger budget for improvements to the attraction.  

haunted house Greensboro

As the haunt continued to gain popularity, Tony and Donna planned to expand their seasonal business while both still worked full time.  Tony suggested that a corn maze would be a great use of the 10-acres of farm land around the haunt and Maize Adventure was born marking the beginning of day time attraction offerings.  Trial and error lead them to Maze Play in Idaho that offered the technology required to design and cut out the maze using GPS.  Donna began researching day time field trip opportunities for school children.  The marketing was sent to schools within a 50 mile radius.  Those efforts began to pay off and soon the day time business was packing the farm with kids during the weekdays.  The focus shifted to expansion of the day time business to keep schools coming back each year.  Gem panning was discovered while on vacation in Tennessee.  A vendor that creates gem panning attractions was found at the next IAAPA conference.  A company from Canada was hired to build the attraction, expanding the educational opportunities to schools with an educational event on gems and fossils.  An outdoor classroom was designed providing more educational experiences for students such as Planting Seeds of Knowledge and Bee-Educated field trips.  As Maize Adventure gained popularity additional features were added, including a giant jumping air pillow.  The jumping pillow was installed and became an instant hit with children. 

The first pillow has just recently been replaced with two of the giant 40x70 pillows to reduce wait times for children to jump.

haunted houses Greensboro

The Kersey Valley brand came alive when multiple attractions with distinct demographics were fully operational.  The portal site was created to cross promote all events and attractions.  Each attraction and event maintains its own website also.

In 2010, Kersey Valley expanded into a year-round business with a 1.5 mile zip line tour across the farm.  Kersey Valley reinvented the zip line experience with engineered Sky Towers and best-in-class equipment.  The attraction is aviation themed boasting Coach and First Class ticketing options, Flight School, Sky Towers named after airport city codes and Flight Captains as zip line guides.  The Sky Towers were strategically placed to enhance cross promotion between attractions.  Opening year-round required permanent restroom facilities.  Tumbleweed’s, a state-of-the-art kitchen concession facility and restrooms were built.  A surprise is harbored in the women’s restroom; as guests approach the sink they activate a loud scream and ghost illusion in the mirror. 

Greensboro haunted houses

Kersey Valley Laser Tag, an outdoor tactical laser tag attraction, was added to the attraction line-up in 2012.  The attraction draws a diverse demographic as the equipment can be programmed for a simple game of shoot and tag to detailed programming for corporate groups with team-building initiatives.  Kersey Valley Laser Tag is a great option for birthday parties and bachelor parties looking for a unique celebration experience.

The humble beginnings of the haunted attraction business have allowed Kersey Valley to continue expanding and employ year-round staff.  Kevin Burger is the Safety Coordinator and managed construction of the massive zip line and restroom and kitchen facility build.  Kevin attended the Maize Adventure Corn Maze in 2000 with his church group, fell in love with the farm and never left.  Elizabeth Penn is the driving force behind sponsor partnerships with local and national corporate partners.  She wears many hats including promotional video coordination and design, special event planning such as Kersey Valley’s Dark Circus and is an integral part of the haunted attraction.  Chrissy Hughes is the Office Manager and master of the zip line reservation system.  She is the voice of Kersey Valley, answering hundreds of call a week with a smile.  Chrissy projects the fun attitude of Kersey Valley!  Tom Roever, Scot Edwards, Kevin Burger and Darrel Justice are several master carpenters that comprise the build crew creating the incredible sets at Spookywoods.  Steve Lee handles audio and lighting for the haunt.  Joh Harp and Amber Michael are the year-round FX team and set designers.  RJ Barber is the resident welder that can build anything the team dreams up.  Tom Benedict, Tony Forest, Wendy Martin, Ben Medlin, Kathy Justice and Steve Wood keep the haunt running like clockwork.  Tony comes up with the fun stuff and Donna keeps a close eye on the budget and pays for the fun stuff.  It takes an army of dedicated and talented people to run Kersey Valley.  The amazing staff is a result of the passion that Tony and Donna have to create stand out events and attractions; it’s contagious and it shows.

Greensboro haunted house

The Christmas trees planted in 1980 saved the farm, becoming the backdrop to one of the most unique haunted attractions in the country.  Looking ahead, Tony and Donna have a list of dreams from weekend events to an event venue barn, seating 300 guests. 

If it’s a Kersey Valley event or attraction you’ll be right in the middle of the FUN STUFF!



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