Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a place where you can really find the real frighting and horrifying Haunted Houses. It can be called as the heart of the darkness where you will have a diversity of attractions which may never experience before as every moment in the darkness the terror, horror, fearsome will make you scream and make your body shiver like never before. People once entered will get a lifetime of experience and attractions. Its a place of worth once visiting the haunted house, and get ready to get all the creeps.


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Evil has returned home to Hinckley, Ohio! The Buzzard Cove Screampark features the return of HINCKLEY'S HAUNTED BARN! It's been almost 20 years since the doors of the barn last opened to welcome in new victims. It has laid dormant, waiting for it's chance to unleash it's horrors once again! Now, it's time has come! For the younger and faint of heart among you, we will also offer Halloween themed ... [Read more]

1053 Bellus Road, Hinckley, Ohio 44233, United States.
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3 levels of terror in the historic bloody barn, built in 1872. Haunted hay wagon of horror and the frightening field of corn. We're gonna scare the hell outa' ya !!

340 Bestwick Rd, Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137, USA.
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Revel in Haunted Hills ESTATE Scare Park, partake in the three spine-chilling attractions, roam our new Spooky Street, an avenue of disturbing entertainment, great food, creepy photo ops, and music by D. J. Boogeyman. Grab your death certificate and have a party at your very own private graveyard plot, includes a bonfire, benches, and your very own mausoleum for shelter. The Estate offers group ... [Read more]

236 Rolling Hill Estate Rd., Uniontown, Pennsylvania 15401, USA.
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The Wells Township Haunted House located in Eastern Ohio is one of a handful of haunted houses known throughout the country. Having been featured on Rotting Flesh Radio, Hauntworld.com, Haunted Attraction Magazine, Haunted Illinois and so on, has enabled us to grow larger each year and be labeled as one of the BEST HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. One of the largest Haunted House Conven... [Read more]

101 Market Street, Brilliant, OH , Pennsylvania 43913, USA.
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Featuring 4 Spine-Tingling Haunted Houses. THE FUN HOUSE: Are you afraid of clowns? A terrifying journey through a haunted fun house featuring several Hollywood-style effects and scares. BEWARE: This is an extremely high-intensity scare oriented haunted house. Consistently voted as one of Ohio's number one attractions year after year. Many have entered, but very few have left alive. THE WI... [Read more]

1145 West Steels Corners Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223, USA.
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In the small town of Garrettsville, Ohio lies an area so evil that it remains abandoned 11 months of the year. Encounter 2 panic-inducing Haunted Houses, FORTRESS OF FEAR and FEARANOIA, and try to escape from inside FEARGOTTEN, all NEW high-intensity Escape Rooms in 2018! Navigate the dark and narrow halls of a 17th century themed castle where the living abandoned long ago but their souls remain.... [Read more]

10268 Hewins Rd, Garrettsville, Ohio 44231, United States.
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Field of Screams
Hotel of Horror


Haunted House in Pittsburgh PENNSYLVANIA PA Hundred Acres Manor
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The biggest, best and scariest haunted house in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania PA is Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction.  Hauntworld.com reviews one of the best haunted houses in America and by far the best in Pittsburgh.  Read all the details at hauntworld.com

Haunted House in Uniontown, PA Pennsylvania - Haunted Hills Estate
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The scariest haunted house in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, PA is Haunted Hills Estates, and Hauntworld.com brings you a full review of this ultimate Halloween Haunted Attraction.  Learn all the secrets of how this attraction became one of the most successful haunted houses in America.

Haunted House in Philadelphia Pennsylvania - Eastern State Penitentiary Terror Behind The Walls
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Haunted House in Philadelphia Pennsylvania - Eastern State Penitentiary Terror Behind The Walls is one of the biggest, scariest REAL haunted houses in the country.  Eastern State is open year around for tours of the prison, ghost tours, paranormal investigations and in October it becomes one of the biggest haunted houses in America. Read all about this attraction click here.

Field Of Screams Haunted House in Lancaster Pennsylvania PA
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Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania, PA Field Of Screams is a haunted attraction in Lancaster PA which features multiple haunted houses in one location including a haunted hayride, haunted houses and much more.  Learn all the secrets, go behind the scenes and discover one of America's best haunted houses.  Learn all the scary details in this new 2011 review.

Haunted House in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Hundred Acres Manor
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www.hundredacresmanor.com/ Haunted House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Haunted Acres Manor, is the scariest haunted house in the Pittsburgh PA area with multiple haunts in one location.  Read a review by Hauntworld.com   

Haunted House in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Pennhurst Asylum
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Pennhurst Asylum is the ONLY real haunted house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.  Explore the history of the real asylum and learn about the new haunted attraction located inside.  Learn all the scary details reviewed by Hauntworld.com.

Pennsylvania Haunted House Bates Motel in Philadelphia
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Pennsylvania haunted house Bates Motel located in Philadelphia is one of the nations biggest haunted screamparks, and also includes one of America's biggest haunted hayrides.  Bates Motel includes several haunted houses, haunted hayrides, and other haunted events.  Hauntworld Magazine reviews Bates Motel.



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