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ABOUT "They Who Are Not There"

When you hear a creak upon the stairs

Look for they, who are not there

A sudden chill, a whisp of air

The feel of fingers through your hair

Survey the room, and all is bare

Amongst the shadows, so beware

Of sunken eyes, and hollow stare

Soon you’ll see they, who are not there.

They Who Are Not There are a theatrical haunt collaborative.

60 Years after the fire that desecrated the Park Hill Racquet Club, its earliest founding members, The Cult of Park Kill, want to take you on a tour of its sordid past.

Perhaps you might be selected as one of their newest…lifelong members.

From the twisted minds who brought you The Ravenhurst Nightmare Clinic,

Join They Who Are Not There on Halloween Weekend for their latest interactive horror experience.

All three nights of the event will feature a cash bar, food truck, and spooky surprises.

253 Van Cortlandt Park Ave, Yonkers, New York, 10705

Haunted Houses

Recommended for Guests 12 and over (SCARY)

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253 Van Cortlandt Park Ave, Yonkers, New York, 10705

They Who Are Not There is a no contact haunt, that is transversed by foot. Unfortunately, we are not handicap accessible. Strobing lights, loud sounds, and fog effects will be in use. Please use descretion if They Who Are Not There is apprioriate for you and members of your party. This attraction is not recommended for those with heart related medical conditions or those who are pregnant. They Who Are Not There reserve the right to removed anyone from the haunt at any time. Refunds will not be given to anyone who backs out or is too scared to enter, that means we did our job. 

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