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Wanchese Woods pushes your deepest darkest fears to the limits....We are a old school haunt who uses real monsters to scare our victims! A lot of haunts have moved to animated scares...but not us!! We play on our wooded surroundings and pitch black darkness to push you to your maximum fear level...we are going on our 6th and have just added a 2nd attraction called Jingles Playhouse... a pitch black maze filled with nothing but Clowns who just wanna play! So if your feeling brave we would love to have you visit!


18766U.S. 64, Manns Harbor, North Carolina, 27953


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$20 per person Haunted Trail $20 per person Jingles Playhouse $35 combo ticket for both attractions
Every Friday and Saturday in October starting October 5th! From DARK-11pm


18766U.S. 64, Manns Harbor, North Carolina, 27953


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