ABOUT "TC Power Mansion"
DESCRIPTION: This is a private residence and business. Please respect their privacy. The handsome Victorian homes found in Helena which were built from 1880s -1900s, were made well to serve the family's future generations and to be the center for family relatives and friends. The architecture is described as being "eclectic, using many borrowed styles from the European rich." These well-made homes were great examples of Renaissance Revival and the Victorian, mixing freely Gothic, Romanesque and Italianate styles. In 1891, Senator T.C. Power, who made his millions running successful businesses, built such a mansion, an impressive stone castle-like residence which took two years to construct. This 3 story castle was made of rose granite, mined from Power's own quarry. The mansion has "rounded arches, arcaded porch and heavy tower are of the Romanesque style." Skilled craftsmen and artisans carefully worked on the outside and inside. The mansion's Romanesque style was nicely softened by the "elaborate designs cast in terra cotta. Much of the fine cherry wood inside the mansion was carved in place. The original Tiffany gas light fixtures are still there, but were converted to electricity. Behind the mansion on the same property he built a rather large carriage house, which was transformed into a building by future owners. HISTORY: Thomas C. Power (1839-1923) began his career by opening a general store at Fort Berton, trading extensively with the Indians. He was able to expand and soon had a large mercantile business. He also over his life time owned a river steamer, a stage line and a large sheep and cattle ranch near Great Falls. In 1889, when Montana became a state, he was elected to be a Senator on the Republican Party ticket, and served from 1890-1895. Thomas C. Power was married to Mary, and they had a son. Thomas and Mary lived there all their lives. When they both had died, their son willed it to the Catholic Church. It served as a nun's residence, among other uses by the Catholic church. The carriage house was turned into a child care center. The property was sold again to owners who continued running a child care center in the carriage house. MANIFESTATIONS: This impressive stone castle mansion has two entities keeping the living company. 1) The apparition of a maid is seen in various rooms of the house. 2) Presence of T.C. Power is felt in the room where he died. STILL HAUNTED? Yes. People still experience the manifestations listed above.
600 Harrison Avenue, Helena, Montana, 59601

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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600 Harrison Avenue, Helena, Montana, 59601
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