ABOUT "Aurora - Witches Grave"
Here's another spooky story which has a couple of versions. In the 1800s in Aurora,Nebraska, a woman was accused of being a witch. Since she was a peculiar and eccentric person, it was readily believed to be true and she was either burned at the stake or hanged!(Sounds like the townfolk were from Salem, Massachusetts!) Before she died, she swore to extract revenge upon the people who had perpetrated the story about her. She said that nobody would be able to keep her in her grave and that she would come back and haunt all the townspeople! Subsequently, the iron chains surrounding her isolated grave were found repeatedly broken! Every time they were repaired they were broken again-leaving the townspeople uneasy. That was the calmer version. Here is the wilder one. Same lady-same accusations, however she had a little girl in this version who was teased, tormented, and then killed by some young hoods in the town. As in the first version, she threated to get even with those calling her a witch and she is said to have told the three young hoodlums how they would die. One was to be stabbed with her hat pin. Another was to be strangled with a particular necklace and the third was to be stabbed by a favorite letter-opener of hers. Shortly after this, she died and was buried with all of the objects. The ones she was buried with were very distinctly hers having either her initials or an expensive brand name made exclusively for her. And sure enough! Each one of the hoodlums were killed in exactly the way she said they would be! Today, no grass grows on her grave and on one occasion some teenagers thought they would drive over the grave to irritate the witch! The tires to their car all blew out! This second version was told to me by a high school classmate who was a licensed cosmetologist and had a customer who had come from this town! I also saw a version of this in a television special about paranormal topics made back in the early 1970s.
Hwy 14 and Hwy 30, Aurora, Nebraska, 68818

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Hwy 14 and Hwy 30, Aurora, Nebraska, 68818
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